Use CJMCU-232H as ICSP/ISP programmer with AVRDUDE

CJMCU-232H is a very popular module based on the FT232H that can be used as JTAG, SWD, ICSP/ISP interface to flash most of microcontrollers (for example ESP32, STM32 and AVR).

AVRDUDE stands for “AVR Downloader Uploader” and is a software tool for downloading and uploading the on-chip memories of Microchip’s AVR microcontrollers (like ATMega).

The CJMCU-232H presents itself to the OS as “idVendor=0403, idProduct=6014”, so we can use the default “UM232H” programmer type of AVRDUDE like:

avrdude -c UM232H -p m328pb -v

UM232H programmer should already be defined in the “/etc/avrdude.conf” so we don’t need to modify/patch any files.

For completeness I report the configuration:

  id         = "UM232H";
  desc       = "FT232H based module from FTDI and";
  type       = "avrftdi";
  usbvid     = 0x0403;
  usbpid     = 0x6014;
  usbdev     = "A";
  usbvendor  = "";
  usbproduct = "";
  usbsn      = "";
  sck    = 0;
  mosi   = 1;
  miso   = 2;
  reset  = 3;