[IT] LinQ DH1692 Rafael Micro R836 pinout

Il LinQ DH1692 DVB-T2 HD set-top box è un ricevitore DVB-T economico in vendita negli shop cinesi.

Monta il tuner R836 della Rafael Micro direttamente sul PCB, ma sono presenti alcuni test-point descritti in seguito.


3: I2C SDA
4: I2C SDC
5: VON (Differential IF output)
6: VOP (Differential IF output)
7: GND
8: VCC +3.3V
9: VACG (IF automatic gain control input)

Il ricevitore si presenta così:

Linq DH1692
Linq DH1692
Linq DH1692

[EN] Unlock the 108-136 MHz on Uniden UBC 60XLT-2

Uniden/Bearcat UBC60XLT-2 is a 80 channels/8 band radio scanner on 66-512 MHz range.

The frequency coverage is not continuous from 66 MHz to 512 MHz, and is divided in 8 bands (EU version):

66-88 MHz
137-144 MHz
144-148 MHz
148-174 MHz
406-420 MHz
420-450 MHz
450-470 MHz
470-512 MHz

If you try to store an out of range frequency, the firmware returns “Error” on the display.

The heart of this scanner is an UC2345 proprietary microprocessor (labeled IC203 on the PCB). By grounding the 80th PIN it is possible to unlock 108 MHz – 136.9750 MHz frequencies.

Unlock the 108-136 MHz on Uniden UBC 60XLT-2 by grounding 80th pin of the IC203